Harti is available for private commissions. He prefers to work on bigger canvas, but he will always consider a bespoke size.

This isn’t like a traditional commission. Harti’s creative process is slightly unconventional for the art world. He likes to spend several hours with each client. Think of this like talk therapy, his quest of understanding the person and their life. Hartmann’s clever technique is to elicit as much information as he can in that session and then turn it into a painting. It’s like cognitive behavioural art therapy. The individual ultimately decides how much he or she would like to reveal about their lives and what they want interpreted into a painting. Some subjects focus on family, their upbringing, things that have been important in their life, either way, you are placing an element of trust between yourself and the artist. What Hartmann throws in, is his in-depth knowledge of his academic field of psychotherapy fused with his ability to distil your story on canvas. He is qualified but not practising, but yet has an adeptness to inspire confidence and trust from each of his subjects.

The result is a wonderful, original and highly personal piece of art that is totally unique to you. There may be revelations and elements of the painting that only you can relate to, but the result is a powerful, post-modernist ontic piece of art, complete with the signature Harti style of modern, comic pop art contrasted with a classical old master’s tenebristic technique side by side. Whether this is for your home, boardroom or private sanctuary, it’s going to do more than brighten up a living space. It’s a unique piece of art that will form part of your legacy for generations to come.