Harti’s (aka Sascha Hartmann) debut solo exhibition ‘From Obfuscation to Lucidity’ arrives as a timely reaction to an enervated and assaulted global society. Harti’s body of artwork, over 2 decades in the making, is questioning, loud and often unforgiving, stubbornly and roguishly digging to psychological depths in its commentary.

Harti, a contemporary political artist, has his art denoting from the modernist, pop art movement. Through his work, Harti asks the viewer to question their own self, as well as political, historical and religious doctrines.

In ‘From Obfuscation to Lucidity’ exhibition, Harti portrays the clash of the divine and earthly domains. In bringing the divine world closer to our current Covid-eaten society, the canvasses offer comparisons between divinity and capitalism. Here, Harti attempts to heighten the viewers’ awareness of the effect of theology and/or versus philosophy upon our lives and society and asks us to reflect upon the issues we currently face.

Harti shows, through his work, that he is a master of layering. The aim: to stimulate, engage and challenge the viewer to peel back layers of their own mind is combined with the need to also entertain. Darkness and light, an overarching juxtaposition in Harti’s art works is played with on different levels: good versus evil and comedic pop art versus the manipulation of old Masters that, in itself, offers another playful layer, with its nod towards the mid 16th to 17th Century Tenebrism technique that uses extreme contrasts of light and dark in figurative compositions to heighten dramatic effect.

As a story-teller, a truthsayer, a deep-thinker, Harti has waited 25 years to graphically convey his voice through his dramatic artistic commentaries:

Harti exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery with Start in 2021 and 2022, and he ventured to exhibit in Seoul, Korea in the summer of 2021, with great success. His next exhibition is taking place in Venice, at the Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello from 3rd - 21st March 2023. Please subscribe to keep up to date with Harti’s news and events.